Highlights – december 2008

Our notes: New government is elected

Two months after the Parliamentary elections the Members of Parliament of the Parliament assembly RS confirmed the 9th Slovene government after the Independence and the list of candidates for the 18 ministers and ministresses with 56 votes pro and 30 votes contra. The next four years these ministers and ministresses will constitute the governmental team of the premier Borut Pahor. The governmental team consists of the coalition parties SD (Social Democrats), Zares, DESUS (Democratic party of pensioners) and LDS (Liberal party of democracy of Slovenia). The newly appointed Franc Križanič will manage ministry of Finance, Katarina Kresal will lead ministry of the Interior, Samuel Žbogar will be minister of Foreign Office and Aleš Zalar will lead ministry of Justice. Ljubica Jelušič was appointed for ministress of Defence, Ivan Svetlik was appointed for minister of Labour, Family and Social Security, Matej Lahovnik will be minister of Economy (and Commerce). Milan Pogačnik will take over ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Food, Majda Širca will take over ministry of Culture, Karl Erjavec ministry of Environment and Space, Patrik Vlačič ministry of Traffic. Igor Lukšič will lead ministry of Education and Sport, Gregor Golobič ministry of High education, Science and Technology, Borut Miklavčič ministry of Health and Irma Pavlinič Krebst ministry of Public administration.

The new government will have also three Ministers without Portfolio. Mitja Gaspari will be minister without Portfolio of Development and European Affairs, Zlata Ploštajner ministress of Local autonomy and Regional development and dr. Boštjan Žekš will be the first minister of Slovenes abroad and over the world and he will represent their interests in the new government.

An interview :New minister for the Slovenes abroad and over the world: Boštjan Žekš

New minister for the Slovenes abroad and over the world Boštjan Žekš is doctor of physical science. After his doctoral advanced study courses he was the associate professor at the German, English and French universities and for some years he acted as the full professor at the University Recife in Brazil. Since 1987 he has been a member of the Slovene Academy of Sciences and Arts (SAZU) and during 2002 and 2008 he was also its chairman. He is the top-level researcher on the physics field with extensive and resounded bibliography in the world. During his residence abroad he had frequent meetings with the Slovene emigrants and he became aware of their troubles and problems. Newly appointed state secretary, doc.dr.Boris Jesih, will help Žekš at his work.

New president of the parliamentary Commission for relations with the Slovenes abroad and over the world: Miro Petek

Miro Petek, member of the biggest opposing party SDS, became the new president of the Commission for relations with the Slovenes abroad and over the world. Since 2004, when he was elected on the SDS list for the member of the Parliament, he has been active in politics. He used to be the vice-chairman of the Commission for relations with the Slovenes abroad and over the world and amongst others member of the Commission for inspection of intelligence and safety service and member of the Committee for foreign policy. He practises his function of deputy mayor in the Mežica municipality.

The successful fellow countrymen: Ivan Kamin

A career of Ivan Kamin led from a small village Selo pri Mirni to one of the most important cosmopolitan financial and trade centre, in the city, that never sleeps, New York. He is a member of Council of Goverment of RS (Republic Slovenia) for the Slovenes abroad and ex-president of the Slovene-American business society. Since 1990 he has been the chairman of his M C Graphics Inc., the print company. In his spare time he takes an active part in the Slovene society in New York and he is keen on skiing. He transmits the Slovene cultural heritage to his four grandsons, because he is aware of the importance for the preservation of the Slovene consciousness and language.


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