Highlights – september 2008

Sport: Olympic Games

Avgust passed in the sign of sport and Olympic Games. Once again the Slovenes proved, how sport nation we were. We won the 11 olympyc placing up to to 7th place and 5 olympic Medals. The Slovenia won the Gold in the athletics, in the queen of sports, more exactly in throwing the hammer. The winner for Slovenia was Primož Kozmus from Brežice. He was leading from the very beginning of the match, won the Gold with the second throwing (82,02m) and was one and only, who overfulfilled the 80-metre – limit in each throwing. Sara Isakovič, 20 years old from Bled, swimmer of merit, won the first Slovene swimming Silver on 200 metres in the freestyle (time 1:54,97) and she also corrected former world record for half a second. Lucija Polavder, 23 years old, judoist from Griže, won the Bronze in the category of over 78 kilograms, althouh she is one of the smallest and lightest competitors. Rajmond Debevec, 45- year old shot, won the Bronze this time, althouh he has already won the Gold from Sidney Olympic Games. Vasilij Žbogar, 32 years old, boatsman from Izola, realized the prediction of winning the Olympic medal and won the Silver with total attack in the final boat-race in the class of Laser.

The Interview: Dr. Ervin Podgoršak

In Quebec professor dr. Ervin B. Podgoršak was awarded a Golden medal at the end of June 2008 on the annual meeting of the scientists by COMP-The Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists. This Golden medal is the most superior award of this Organization for the scientists- physicists and they contribute significantly to a development of medical physics. Mr. Podgoršak returns to Slovenia often, because he has at home a lot of relatives and friends and with him we spoke about his life, work and sphere of medical physics, which is today accepted as one of the medical professions and at the end of schooling it assures the employment and the eminent expert career either in the clinical work or in the academical field.

The topic of the month: Fatal attraction of living standard and fertility

We have wonderful news – last year in Slovenia we had 19.858 born children, this is 4,2% more then in 2006. Otherwise Slovenia is a part of a small familly of the European coutries such as Iceland, Ireland and Albania, in which they notice a growth of birthrate from 2004 (a tiny excessive birthrate was in 2000 also in France because of the milennium). In spite of this excessive birthrate Slovenia belongs in the developed part of Earth, for which is known, that he has the correlation with high standard and low fertility. In Slovenia, in broad daylight not either with a candle, you will not find the parents with the confession of having the children for the economical reason and you will also not find the parents, that will hide their decision for the children because of generally the considerable influence of the spendable consumption as a result of the adequate standard.

The Interview with the fellow countryman: Tone Golobič, American businessman with Slovene origin

Tone Golobič from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, American businessman with Slovene origin, Vietnamese veteran and financier, went to the States only 17 years old. In spite of his belief, that he will come back soon, he stayed until today. He went up to the University of Chicago to receive Master`s degree in Finance and the MBA title. Later he occupied the highest position in the financial corporations for long. Just before his 50 th birthday he set up his own business, based on the prominence in the employment and also in financial services, that are offered by his company.



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