Highlights – June 2008

Our notes:In Cleveland Center for Slovene studies

The Ministrees for College schools, Science and Technology Mojca Kucler Dolinar inagurated the Center for Slovene studies on Friday,16thMay 2008 in the State University of Cleveland. The Institution , officially part of The University or her Faculty of sociology and humanistic studies, is a result of a year and half lasting efforts of Slovene consulate general in this city and the management,of the University and thev both recently signed the letter; of intention for the collaboration. The new founded office will start working likely in August and will connect all; researchers, lecturers and students from Slovenia and the U.S.A.. In the complex of this center we expect the lectorship of Slovene language this autumn semester. The lector will care for the outer faculty teaching (evening classes) and also for the refreshing of linguistic and didactic knowledge between the teachers in Slovene saturday schols in this part of U.S.A., where is concentrated the largest number of Slovene patriots in the emigration.

An interview – Rok Klančnik: We allure into Slovenia with image, taste, scent and music

In February 2007 the Slovene tourist organization (STO) opened its representation in the spaces of the Slovene house in Brussels. The work of this representation is pointed at more effective appearence of Slovenia and Slovene tourism on this market and at the same time makes possible the better coordination between Slovenia and the various institutions of European community. The manager of STO, Rok Klančnik, has so far had a rich career in the tourism. First he had worked as the communication leader of STO for Slovene tourism abroad and then he took over the position for the communication manager in WTO (World tourist organization). In the interview he emphasized, that STO just had to show the largest adaptability and creativeness between all state institutions , because in the first place our presidency was a great chance to consolidate the image of our country as the tourist destination. Actually in this way we all see it and we also wish for the foreigners to recognize our country of tourism as effective, attractive and pleasant and guided by capable people, which live in the country full of diverse natural and cultural riches. The results are in any case positive, because it is noticed, that the interest in Slovenia dramatically increased in the other half of the last year and especially after the New Year.

The topic of the month: To feel Slovenia

Slovenia slowly enters in the summer, which is for the most people the favourite season and frequently the period of prolonged travel, holidays or vacation. As far as we know for you to choose Slovenia to visit in summer, we offer you some general tourist and practical information about our country, provided for you in this topic of the month. Free of charge and also before leaving from home you can order some advertising and information material, issued by STO and do not miss our web site: http://www.slovenia.info/, which in 26 languages offers all the essential information about Slovenia. There you can find information about transports, accommodations, sightseeings, calendar of entertainments, various video-snaps of Slovene sightseeings, 3-D panoramic images and in the end you can research the country on the web through the PC- play and maybe win the prize.

A talk with a fellow countryman: Dr. Zvone Štrubelj: Home at »dearly beloved« Slovenes

Since September 2001 in Stuttgart D.Sc. Zvone Štrubelj has led the Slovene catholic parish. The parish supplies approximatlly 6200 Slovenes from Badem-Wurtemberk, Germany. We talked with him about a great man of Slovene language and mind – about Primož Trubar, born 500 years ago, on 9th June. Trubar was one of the first most known Slovene fellow countryman. At the age of 39 he had to leave his most »beloved Slovene country« and moved to Germany, becaue he did not like giving up his own fidelity and his inner religious ideals. He invented the official Slovene language and united all Slovenes in the national community. Mr. Štrubelj’s opinion is, that we will never enough wonder at Trubar as the practical genius, who created such a form of Slovene written and literary language from many Slovene dialects, that all Slovenes not only could accept but also understood!


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